Kamis, 02 Juni 2011

Random Reviews

Well actually i dont really know what to write right now. Like there's something that keep telling me to write but i dont know what. So maybe i'm just gonna bore you all with pointless reviews. But since i hate it when someone leave my blog without getting any 'interesting' thingy, dont worry bitches, i'll try to make this post as fun as always. So here we go...

Uhmmm... Let's start with britney's performance at the billboard awards several weeks a go. To be frankly with you, i haven't see the performance. I have this problem with my computer and haven't had a chance to fix it because i had this hectic moment at my office. Whatever. Back to the topic, and so many people hated the performance (That's what i red from all the comments on twitter). Well all i can say is everyone has their own opinion. As of for me, as you all know, i'm a big fan of britney and it's no longer about how well she perform, how great she dance or how cute she smile... My love to her is beyond all that. You might call me delusional then, but no motherfucker, i'm not delusional! And it's not an excuse if i still enjoy whatever she brings to the stage. I'll still love her even when she only blink a little bit and then go off the stage. The point is, i enjoy everything about her and that's all that matter. Enough about britney, i will need more page just to explain you about my love to her so i just have to stop it *giggles*

I'm pretty proud of my other diva, beyonce knowles. YAAAZZZ THAT GURRRL! Only she can bring me everything i need about 'performance'. She's the best pussy popper (AHAAAA... PUSSY POPPER!). Again, from what i red on twitter, she killed the stage. And my cute idol, danny noriega said what i exactly thinking on my mind. He said that beyonce is basically on the whole different level with all these mothafucking current pop tarts. Like EXACTLY! Beyonce knows how to work it and rock the stage. She's the best description of what we call the greatest performer. I love love love beyonce. Like so freakin much!

Next thing is about my current most favorite song, Super Bass by nicki minaj. Oh hell i looooooooooove this song. It's so fucking catchy. I mean the "boom boo do boom boom boo do boom be" it stuck on my mind even when i stop listening to the song. Such a really addictive kinda song. Well on the other topic, i really cant wait to see her and britney touring together. I-CANT-WAIT.

Ooh, justin timberlake were talking about britney (like finally). He was basically saying that he and britney now is completely different individuals. Well yes, as we all know, they were every teenager's idols and now they're adults. Honestly, i really love britney and justin as a couple. They made a cute couple together. Looking back into old pictures of them together is putting a little smile on my face. I mean they were sweet. But now they choose their own ways. Britney is currently dating a what-i-call-not-so-handsome dude, jason trawick (but s long as he can handle britney and brit feel happy to be with him, i'm ok) and justin timberlake is dating... Hmmm... Well, i dont fucking know and i dont fucking care... So...

What more? Rihanna... Hmmm... It's been a great year for her but i still cant see myself worship her success, i just dont know why. I mean i love her but like i dont know, this love is not on the same level of my love to christina aguilera and beyonce knowles. And katy perry, honestly yes she's cute but baby, something in myself telling me she will not survive in this industry because something about her that dont really... I dont know how to say it... I just think that she lacks of what i call 'Idol persona'. Wait till a couple of years later, she might end up like miley cyrus. She might. What-so-fucking-ever.

Bitch i think it's enough. Until next time, kisses for ya. Remember, safe sex and drink wise. Bye.

Minggu, 01 Mei 2011

Random Reviews

The royal wedding and some shits were happening in several times a go. Let's just make a quick review about it. First of all let's talk about the royal wed. For you who didn't know, the very prince charming himself, prince William, several days a go was marry the beautiful miss Katherine Wimbledon. I gotta say, they looked so stunning in the ceremony. I think Kate has this flawlessly natural beauty that so adorable, very girl next door but someway she has this kinda elegant character that shine really beautifully bright. When we talk about the royal wedding, we must be immediately think about Prince Charles and Lady Diana. And yes, people were comparing the newly wed, Will and Kate, with the legendary couple, Charles and Di. Especially the comparison taking place between both beautiful princess. Since we're living in the world where people love to compare other people, why dont we make a little comparisons too. Are you in? *giggles

I have to say this first, i love and such a huge fan of lady Diana, so yeah, let's begin the comparison. I think lady Di was the perfect definition of "Beauty inside-out". She was a classic beauty, very smart (blond) girl, kind heart, with the beautiful inner charisma that made her a lovable idol for everyone in this entire world. While Kate is also a beautiful girl, also very charismatic but somehow i dont see the "princess" persona in her. Well, kate is a very modern beauty, kinda simple girl with a very sweet heart from the town while diana is a very elegant lady, who represents the real "princess" feel from a kingdom. Both has a different kind of beauty. I love diana best, not saying that i dont like kate but yeah... You know what i mean...

About the gown. Everyone was talking about the gown. Yes, kate wore a way simpler gown than diana. Diana's gown was very avant-garde, very classic and elegant. But i think kate's gown is also very pretty. So the the point is i love both gowns. Hmmm... What else to compare? Well, i think that's all. Move to the next topic!

Beyonce has released her newest single called "Girl". But unfortunately it wasn't making a huge success in the market. Well maybe it's because the lack of promotion but honestly, i haven't heard the song yet so, i cant talk much about it. But i really wish the best for the queen. In case you didn't know, i love love LOVE beyonce. Britney is the queen of dancing, Christina is the queen of singing and Beyonce is the queen of everything. Yes that's right! My gurl beyonce has been such an influential idol for me. I think she's the only one who can scream until she rips off her own lungs and still end up sound very sexy. The perfect combination is when you have a beautiful face, sexy body, hot skin tone, amazing vocal aaaaaaaand a great pussy poppin. LOL beyonce has it all and that makes her a complete-great package. She's the one who can bring out the black girl in me. Once she hits the stage, i never sit or stand still and doin nothin. Yes gurrrllll, i have to pussy poppin with her *giggles

What else? OW! Mariah Carey was just give birth! Congratulation for MC and nick for the new baby. I hope the very best for the baby. Earlier this week in my country, there were two international celebs who did a kinda successful concert. It was Justin Bieber and a couple days later it was Adam Levine. I didn't went to both concert cause ya know... I'm not one of those beliebers and adam was gone from my attention since he decided to be one of those half-naked dude for some magazine covers. I MEAN I DONT FUCKING CARE ABOUT THEM BOTH, so... Well, i think that's for now. Nothing really excite me except this upcoming britney and nicki minaj's concert. I really wish brit and nicki can come to Jakarta, Indonesia. Well i dont know *finger crossed*

Bye bitches. Always remember, this is my review so if you disagree, i dont fucking care. Safe sex, everyone! Kisses

Jumat, 22 April 2011

Selamat Paskah / Happy Easter

"There's an empty space in your heart that can't be filled by anyone but God."

Random Reviews

There's a new sensation in music industry, that i really love, that make me crazy, that make me "Bitch ya betta weeeeeeeerrrrrrkkkkkkkkk!!!" and snappin like i aint gon stop snappin (giggles), yes, it's KAZAKY. The new boyband from Ukraine, the picture above is one of the members, my most fav one, so ya know... Oh only Jesus knows how i love these boys. They dance like OH MAH GAHHH i cant even describe it. It's a pure purrrfection! Like capital F-I-E-R-C-E! I dont know how the creative director can create such a great team like this. I personally am the fan of male dancer who can shake their booty like a black gurrrl... Yes that's right! Aaaaaaand they wear high heels! Um yeah boyaaa! Hold it dont drop it! (giggles)

Kazaky might be not the first who represents this kinda 'White boy dancing like a black girl', we all know (or maybe you dont know) Blake McGrath, Jonte, and Anthony Garza were doin this thing before them. But with the right music, choreography and full package, you just cant deny the perfection. You can check out Kazaky's music in youtube (or any other websites), with the massive hit singles such as In The Middle, Love and I'm Just A Dancer. The beat is sick, i cant stop shakin every inch of my body and things of that nature. I just love, love, looooooooove their music. You shud check it by yourself!

So enough about Kazaky, move on! Britney and Rihanna amazing duet's song, S&M, was finally made it to number one at the Billboard top 100 chart. Congratulation to both divas and especially Rihanna who breaks the record by being the youngest female ever to has 10 number one hits at the top of Billboard top 100. Well bitch need to thank brit2 cause i think without her S&M wont be at the top of the chart. I'm not bitter, just saying the damn fact. Well riri did thank brit2, so yeah...

Nicki Minaj has confirmed touring with Britney. Aaaaarrgghhhhh.. I cant fucking wait! It's gonna be a huge success for the concert. Yes gurl, dont mad! With the combination of barbie look a like, Nicki Minaj and the living barbie herself, Britney Spears, everyone will die, die, DIE! I'm soooooooo fucking excited! And earlier today, Britney tweeted about the 'till the world ends' remix that will feature Ke$ha and Nicki Minaj. Oh ma laaaawwwdddd! I cant take it take it take no moooooaaaaahhhhhh! CANNOT FUCKING WAIT!

What else, hmmmm... so several days a go, i've downloaded Judas by Lady Gaga. Everyone was so into it and highly recommend me to check it out (even britney's stans) so i did. But blaaaaaaahhhhh... It's so whatever. Maybe it's just me having no same similarity with everyone's taste of music, but i think it's only good to hear the openning part "Judas, juda-ah-ah" thingy and the rest is blah blah blah. I cant see myself dancing to that song. Dont get me wrong, i dont hate her music, in fact i love Just Dance, Paparazzi, and telephone, but this judas song is... Well i do think it's a catchy song but it's only get an O-K from me. Whatever...

So i'm too lazy to check out the alien's song so that's it for now. Remember, it's MY reviews so ya betta calm the fuck down if you disagree. Bye bitches, keep it safe. Kisses

Jumat, 15 April 2011

Rihanna feat. Britney Spears 'S&M'

Rihanna was once released a song called S&M but never really being a hit because some critics said that the song had too much sexual exploitation or whatever the fuck they name it. Even the music video was made but again, never being a hit. Beberapa waktu yang lalu remix lagu S&M dirilis dan tebak siapa yang menjadi pengisi dalam remix tersebut?! YES! IT'S BRITNEY, BITCH! In less than a week the song hit number one spot in every chart. Well, maybe because the song it self is really damn catchy, but we cant deny that britney's contribution made it even bettahhh! Speaking about this hot-naughty-durrrty song, lemme tell you about my review of this song. Like i always said bitch, this is my review, so if you disagree, i dont fucking care. So here we go!

I personally dont really like rihanna, but that doesn't mean i hate her. I like some of her songs. Well honestly, i was a fan of her. SOS was one of my most favorite dance song, but until that ela-ela-fucking-ela came out, BITCH STOP! She has a killer body and fierce haircut so yeah, she's hot. The fact that britney made a contribution in S&M is making me happy, because it's one of my favorite songs of rihanna.

I like the lyrics of this song. It's vulgar but in the way rihanna and britney singing it is kinda make this song more fun and enjoyable for every age. And hearing my queen britney singing those dirty lyrics, put a naughty smile on my face. The beat is making this song completely kinky. With the catchy opening part "I like it like it, come on!" and the cute "S S S AND M M M" ending. The song is all about sex. Yeah, it's sex, sex, sex and sex! Hmmm... I'm not gonna explain it any further cause you know, my reader are not only adults, so...

About britney's voice. Some people like it, some people dont. But bitch because you know i'm a fucking fan of her, i'd love to say FUCK YOU HATER! Some haters even said that she sound very nasal. LOL Bitch where have you been? I mean, it's britney and she sound like that since the last decade, are you insane? And some said that it's like she sound like she sing under water. Stupid mothafucking bastards! But whatever! I love the way she sound. Her vocal sound very pure (read: rough) and i think it's kinda sexy. It's sexy but sweet at the same time. Dont mad but i think britney killed rihanna in this song. Well, i dont know if it's just me but britney definitely sound more adorable than rihanna. Well maybe it's because i'm a fan of brit but whatever, you decide, i dont care.

I cant wait for the video. I hope it's gonna be the fierce one, with a lot of latex outfit, whips, chains... Aaaaarrrggghhhhh, i cant hardly wait! Both have a rock body so i'm expecting a really damn hot music video. I dont like the original music video to be honest. I think it's too colorful but again, whatever, it's rihanna's video, i dont care. So yeah, segitu aja deh reviewnya. Videonya belom keluar juga kan, jadi ya mungkin sampe videonya keluar, review ini akan gue lanjutkan. So yeah, until next post, bye bitches.

PS: Safe sex. Kisses

Jumat, 08 April 2011

Britney Spears 'till the world ends'

So Britney Spears just released her newest music video called 'till the world ends'. I'm gonna make a little review about it, but remember bitch, this is MY review, so if you disagree i dont fuckin care. So here we go!

You know (or in case you didn't know) i love, i mean i LOOOOOOOVE britney's walk. It's like the sexiest walk ever, very sexy and elegant at the same time, and she open the video by WALK! I was like "weeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrkkkkkkk". Literally. I mean for fucking real. And then she look at the camera and aaaaarrgghhh... another love will goes to britney's stare! I love it when britney staring, it's like super fierce, sexy but yet very innocent. And then she add a little giggles, oh my fucking laaaawd, i dont know about you bitch but i think her smile is like the most adorable smile ever! Very sweet, kinda seductive and definitely not fake.Well honestly, everytime she smile to the camera, i feel that she smile to me, well maybe that's how some other fans of her feelings too but yeah...

I'm dead at her attitude here in this video. Super cool woman. I love her. Very relax, laid back and you can clearly see her coolness without her trying too hard to look cool, you know i mean? It's rarely found now in current poptarts. Everyone seems pushing it too hard to look cool. But not britney, she's a natural cool lady (i said it like 'natural beauty' lol) and we can see it clearly here in this video.

I dont really pay attention to her outfit but one thing i really thankful for is she keeps being herself and not wearing clowny make-up or a stupid fucking alien outfit. NO BITCH NO, SHE'S NOT A MONSTER! YEAY! Well i dig her studded jacket tho, it's super cool on her. I love the atmosphere in this video. Kuddos to Ray Kay, the video director. The storyline itself is kinda interesting, because i mean who isn't going to panic if the world is going to end? lol like seriously...

Some say that this video is like the sequel of 'slave 4 u', her old number one hit, but no, i dont think it is. Somehow i dont see sexual feeling in this video. All i see is a bunch of people having fun while they know that the world is about to explode. This is a fun video. All i see is fun, fun, fun. I really love this video. A friend of mine, boy, said that he kinda feel something very 'Barb Wire' about this video and yes, i think so. She look-really-like the young Pamela Anderson, wearing ke$ha's outfit. lol dont hate bitch, i just think she is. 

And then come to the ending part. She ends the video with (again) the sweetest smile ever. And that's a wrap, i smile from ear to ear after seeing it. Her smile chills me like for fucking real bitch, i dont even kidding. I was like "Aaaaawww.. stop it brit, why you keep making me love you more and more?". So yeah, the point is, i LOVE this video. Probley one of her best video ever.

So that's about it, i cant fucking wait to the second version of the video, because i heard there will be two versions of 'till the world ends' music video. One with the storyline and another one is the full dance video, so yeaaayyy i'm really excited for that. Okay, i think that's it for now. Bye bitches! Always remember, drink wise and safe sex. Kisses

Rabu, 06 April 2011


Hello world, akhirnya gue kembali ngeblog. No need to introduce myself segitu detailnya kan? Ok so let's just get into the deal! This blog is just another page of mine, isinya akan berupa apa aja yang ada dipikiran gue, saat posting dibuat pastinya. I prefer bilingual language like this, so i can talk whatever i want, in my own way.

I LOVE BRITNEY SPEARS, i curse a lot, i talk shit about the things (also people) i hate, big mouth, very outgoing, i like to be loud, i like rebel things, troubled pop stars are my obsession, i drink occasionally, sometimes sarcastic, sometimes cynical, into creative things, enjoy dance so much and i love to go out at night with my friends, maybe clubbing or just hang out with them.

BLAH BLAH BLAH, i need to wrap this short intro cause i'm getting really bored right fucking now. So bitches, enough for now, hope you doin well and dont forget, safe sex! Kisses